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Playstation 5 Controller Bluetooth Keyboard With Speaker

This accessory will improve your kill death ratio 😉 j/k but in all seriousness the built in speaker is 1000x better than the controller so you can communicate faster with your game team! Which should theoretically improve your kill death ration, right?

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All About Playstation 5 Controller

Product Specifications:
Working voltage: Lithium battery 3.7
Working current: 5mA
Quiescent current: 1.6mA
Maximum charging current: 500mA, 5V
Keyboard battery capacity: 500mA lithium battery
Bluetooth version: Bluetooth 3.0
Charging time: 1-2 hours
Full power usage time: about 100 hours
Connection steps
1. Plug the keyboard into the 3.5mm interface.
2. Turn on the PS5 console and PS5 controller.
3. Turn on the keyboard switch, the blue indicator light will be on.
4. Press and hold the pairing button on the handle for three seconds to pair.
5. On the PS5 host, enter Settings-Peripherals-Bluetooth Accessories
6. Find the Bluetooth device name of JYS Bluetooth Keyboard and select to pair.
7. Enter the password provided by the host and select it to pair with the handle.


Customer Review

This keyboard is perfect for quickly sending messages! Thanks!

Luke Prentice


As an introvert who doesn’t want to get on the mic, this is perfect!

Cynthia Schomp


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